Surgical Navigation Technology

Surgical Navigation Technology

A Milestone in Precision Medicine

In the field of modern medicine, surgical navigation technology is considered a revolutionary innovation, bringing unprecedented levels of precision and safety to surgical procedures. It is a highly precise medical technology that assists surgeons in more accurately locating and operating during surgery. Typically, it combines imaging techniques, computer-assisted systems, and real-time tracking systems to enhance the accuracy and safety of surgeries.

Imaging Systems:

-Technologies such as CT, MRI, and intraoperative CT provide real-time images.

Computer-Assisted Systems:

-Software helps doctors plan surgical routes, and navigation platforms provide real-time guidance on display screens.

Tracking Systems:

-Uses infrared optical technology and markers to track the relative positions of surgical instruments and anatomical structures.


Enhancing Accuracy: Helps doctors precisely locate the affected area, minimizing errors.

Reducing Surgical Risk: Accurate navigation can reduce damage to surrounding healthy tissues, lowering surgical risks.

Shortening Surgery Time: Improves surgical efficiency, shortening both surgery time and recovery period.

Enhancing Preoperative Communication: Through 3D imaging, patients can better understand the surgery.


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