SURGLASSES Leveraging AR Technology to Accelerate the Layout of Surgical Centers in the United States

SURGLASSES Leveraging AR Technology to Accelerate the Layout of Surgical Centers in the United States

Los Angeles, California—June 3, 2024—SURGLASSES Inc. officially announces the establishment of its subsidiary, SURGLASSES, LLC, in the United States, with its first office set up in Los Angeles, California. This move signifies the company’s proactive approach towards its strategic layout in the US market. It holds significant implications for driving innovation and development in the field of medical technology, particularly in the domain of surgery centers.

SURGLASSES AR Spine Surgery using only a C-arm

SURGLASSES has achieved success in Asia by promoting its advanced FDA-Cleared Caduceus S AR technology in several countries and accumulating rich clinical cases in the field of spinal surgery. However, the United States, being one of the global leaders in medical technology, presents immense market potential. Therefore, SURGLASSES has decided to establish a subsidiary to expedite its market layout in the United States and has chosen Los Angeles, California, as its starting point to drive its development in the country.

In the field of medical technology, particularly in spinal surgery, the application of AR technology holds tremendous potential. The State-of-the-art and uniqueness of Caduceus S AR technology lies in its patented technology, which requires only a 2D C-arm machine combined with AR technology to complete spinal navigation, significantly simplifying the surgical process and enhancing surgical efficiency and accuracy. Compared to traditional 3D radiation machines, the design of Caduceus S is more practical, making spinal surgery more flexible and simultaneously reducing surgical costs.

Moreover, the AR-guided spine surgery technology has brought new possibilities for minimally invasive spinal surgery. Minimally invasive surgery typically requires physicians to have highly advanced skills and expertise. However, the introduction of Caduceus S makes minimally invasive surgery easier to achieve, lowering the technical threshold while improving the accuracy and success rate of surgeries. This means smaller surgical trauma, faster recovery, and better treatment outcomes for patients.

In the United States, Ambulatory surgery centers have become the preferred location for patients to undergo surgical treatment, providing excellent market opportunities for SURGLASSES’ Caduceus S augmented Reality technology. The establishment of surgical centers enables the application of AR technology to be closer to patients and makes minimally invasive surgery more convenient and economical. Caduceus S allows surgeons to see your spine in 3D througn the skin during MIS spine implant surgery. Physicians can better leverage the advantages of Caduceus S in such environments, focusing on patients while maintaining the efficiency and accuracy of surgeries.

In conclusion, the application of SURGLASSES’ Caduceus S AR technology has brought revolutionary changes to minimally invasive spinal surgery. It not only improves physician focus and surgical accuracy but also makes minimally invasive surgery easier to achieve, bringing better treatment outcomes and faster recovery for patients. Through its layout in surgical centers in the United States, SURGLASSES will further promote the popularization and development of minimally invasive spinal surgery, bringing about greater changes and advancements in global healthcare.


SURGLASSES is a startup company established in 2017 and is a leading developer of AR smart surgical solutions, with products manufactured in Taiwan. Our focus is on two key areas: Medical Devices and Medical Education. Driven by a passion for innovation, our diverse team is dedicated to developing cutting-edge medical devices. Our vision is to assist more patients using technology.


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